viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Art Tribute 13: Rosemary Cassidy Buswell, France

Rosemary Cassidy Buswell.

Nelson Mandela Art Tribute, 2014, Uruguay. 

Title:  “Forget the Past”. 
Mixed Media on Canvas 40x40cm.  
Number 3 in my series, ‘Just another stitch in the wall...’

Artist’s Statement.

The title of the piece is a quotation of Nelson Mandela’s, and the piece is inspired by the wonderful turquoise houses of the Xhosa tribe, into which he was born.  In the bright sunshine the thatched rooves cast wonderful shadows on the walls, which gave me the composition of the painting.  His country is represented by a collaged map, and pictographs, showing the long ancestry of the South African people.  The handprint is for the Rainbow nation, and the free floating thread represents two ideas which mean something to me.  The first is a Chinese proverb which tells us that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance, that the thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.  The second is that Navajo weavers always extend a thread out of their weaving so their creativity is not trapped.  For me these ideas also represent Nelson Mandela’s achievements, and his long and eventful life.

February 2014.

viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

Mandela Art Tribute 5: Carla Colombo, Italia

Mandela ed i colori della Libertá, mista su cartone 42x29 cm
Carla Colombo, 2014

Le Sbarre, mista su cartone 42x29 cm
Carla Colombo 2014

jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Mandela Art Tribute 4: Regina Affonso, Brasil-Portugal

Título: Homenaje a Mandela
Tech: Tinta china dibujo s/papel
Med: 21X30cm
Año: 2014
Autor: Regina Affonso

miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Mandela Art Tribute 1: Alessandra Trischitta, Italia - "MADIBA"

Titolo: "Madiba"
Tecnica: grafite e pittura digitale
Anno di esecuzione: 2014
Autrice: Alessandra Trischitta

Regole - Rules - Reglas

1)envia tu trabajo como REGALO SIN VALOR COMERCIAL o bien con valor = 0 CERO
esto es MUY IMPORTANTE!! escribe REGALO MAIL ART (ARTE CORREO) fuera del paquete
2)no enviar monedas como colaboracion, si bien la colaboracion es voluntaria puedes enviarla en el paquete o bien via Western union directamente a la organizacion
3) Esta es una EXPOSICION AL PUBLICO REAL por lo tanto cuida la presentacion de tu arte puesto que es tu imagen como artista tambien!
4) NO DEVOLUCION, los trabajos no seran devueltos y pasaran a formar parte del Archivium del Mubu Colaboratorio Collection

1) send your art as a gift NON COMMERCIAL VALUE OR VALUE= 0 zero, thats VERY IMPORTANT!!! and write GIFT REGALO  MAIL ART (ARTE CORREO) out side of the pack
2) DONT SEND COINS as a collaboration, .... must be voluntary collaborate but not coins
3) This will be a REAL PUBLIC EXHIBITION please curate your art as better is possible for you!!! Your art is your image as an artist !
4) NO RETURN Artworks dont go back to the artists, and will stay in the Archivium of Mubu Colaboratorio Collection:

1) Invia la tua arte come REGALO senza valore commerciale, valore commerciale uguale a zero =0
questo é molto IMPORTANTE!!! SCRIVERE  visibile la parola REGALO ARTE CORREO nel pacco
2) NON INVIARE MONETE come collaborazione, deve essere volontaria ma non monete prego
3) QUESTA SARÁ UNA MOSTRA PUBBLICA E REALE quindi cura la tua arte il meglio possibile !!! Tua Arte é la tua presentazione come artista !
4) NO DIVOLUZIONE i lavori non vanno indietro agli artisti, per rimanere nel Archivium del Mubu Colaboratorio Collection:
GRAZIE! Vi aspettiamo !!!